Child of God: Facing Illness Without Fear

I have stage two breast cancer. Now is the time to decide if I want to do chemotherapy because there is no turning back after this procedure.

I lay on the pre-op cot awaiting the surgery to insert a port below my collarbone. The device will permit powerful chemotherapy drugs to be administered directly into my heart so my blood can dilute the chemicals enough to prevent them from burning my blood vessels.

My brain’s foggy from lack of sleep, and my thoughts whirl with the sentiments of the anti-chemotherapy crusaders whose words kept me from sleeping the night before. They tell me I’m young, and there’s still time to undo my cancer with healthy foods and herbs to allow my body to heal itself. The medical professionals say they have a treatment with a high success rate.

A treatment that could kill me, give me a different cancer, leave me damaged and unable to raise my three boys.

The confusion swirls in my mind. Who do I trust?

Please go to to continue reading my guest post on author Jerusha Agen’s Fear Warrior Blog.

4 thoughts on “Child of God: Facing Illness Without Fear

  1. I loved this! Encouraged me greatly. Sending to my daughter who will be starting infusions for Rheumoid Arthritus and has struggled the last few years when no Meds seem to work. She is fearful of the infusions. Also forwarding to a friend in Idaho who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Thank you for this blog.


    1. Thank you so much for sharing! I love knowing my trial has benefited someone else. I hope you’ll check back. I’ve been working on a “what’s chemotherapy like” post. Even two years out, it’s difficult to revisit but worth it to be His witness. Praying God’s blessing on your daughter and friend.


  2. Robyn, this post is such a good reminder to all of us how God Never Leaves Us & How we can all Help Each Other when fear does rise up in our minds & we need the love & encouragement from others!

    I’ve been thinking about our fears, lately & our preacher, Keith, quoted the verse out of Genesis last Sunday where Sarah lied (about being told by an angel of God she was going to have a child) Because she was Afraid!!

    Made me wonder how many times we let our fears overtake us to where we sin? Thank You for your uplifting message! Love You❤️


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