For the Potential Christian Fiction Writer

I began writing as a way to process my thoughts and for the joy of creating. I had no intent to share. Why would I? I didn’t even recognize I was a potential author.

I wasn’t especially skilled at grammar or spelling, though I could manage a decent Neuropsychological Assessment Report and client notes. I considered writers to be amazing type-A, detail-people who never made a grammar mistake and loved spending hours thinking about words.

Truthfully, I didn’t think we had much in common.

When my story took hold, I felt excitement and shock that I could be a writer. Mainly because I believed it was rare for someone who didn’t view herself as a writer to suddenly have a story to tell. After I completed my first manuscript, I began connecting with other writers and learned there are millions of aspiring authors like me!

In fact, it’s common for those who love to read to be inspired to write. Now when I share my writer ambitions, I’m not surprised when the other person describes an idea they have for a novel. What gets me now, are those who have a storyline in mind or a secret writer dream but have yet to put pen to paper.


These are often my fellow Christians who I know would be sharing light/goodness in a dark world. They would join me in putting something “good” out there. Of course, I realize writing is not for everyone. To be successful it takes a lot of work. Way more than most people realize, but if you get the urge to pen a story, explore it.

And whatever you do, don’t let fear and doubt stop you from trying. Take the following advice to heart. The world needs more positive voices.

5 tips to start writing


  1. Write. Slip on the story teller gloves and consider how they feel. Follow the trail wherever your imagination takes you. You may learn writing is not for you or you may become infected with a story that must be purged. Either way, you won’t know unless you practice.
  2. Don’t think about who’s going to read your words or if your idea is marketable, just give it a go. You won’t ever be forced to share.
  3. Don’t worry about following a logical plot line. That comes later. You may write chapters that will be discarded for the good of the overall story. That’s okay. Practice is never worthless.
  4. Don’t use your lack of editing/grammar skills as a reason not to try. I scribed my first novel into a spiral notebook because it was the fastest way to get the words out. My second draft was all about fleshing it out as I transcribed it into my computer. Whatever works for you, just make sure you get those thoughts on paper. Organization and Editing will come later.
  5. Ignore the voice whispering “you’re not good enough.” The fact is, you likely have a lot to learn and you’re probably not as skilled as a published novelist—yet. Everyone has to start somewhere, and no one gets to start at the top.

Spread a little light and share this with the budding novelist in your life.

15 thoughts on “For the Potential Christian Fiction Writer

  1. Very inspiring! Sometimes it’s so hard to ignore that doubting voice inside, no matter how long you’ve been writing. Thanks for the reminder!


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